An integral part of the smooth running of a club is the work of its committee, the group of people who manage the club's affairs day-to-day. An effective club committee exists to serve the club and to ensure that its members receive the best possible service and experiences. At Bramcote SC, our committee is made up of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and a Treasurer, who form the ‘Executive Committee’. Additionally to that the club constitution provides room for up to an additional 9 committee members.

A new committee is formed each year by nomination and election at the club Annual General Meeting (AGM) - any club member can nominate to join and will serve for approximately 1 year until the following AGM.

Role of Club Chairperson 

  • To provide direction and leadership to the club, dealing with issues as and when they arise.
  • To chair meetings; setting the agenda to support the development of the club.
  • To oversee decisions made by the management, sub committees, officers and other club personnel.
  • To prepare and present the annual report in conjunction with the Secretary (if necessary).
  • To help ensure the correct and smooth running of all aspects of the club in accordance with its rules, constitution and by-laws and also Swim England law and UK law.

The level of commitment required will vary from club to club, but will include attendance at club meetings and could include attendance at meetings with the Local Authority, pool operators, Swim England and County Sports Partnership staff. There may be other time commitments in addition to this in order to fulfil the above criteria.

Role of Club Secretary

  • To act as a main point of contact for the club.
  • To manage the day-to-day running and administration of the club including all internal and external correspondence.
  • To organise committee meetings and AGMs, prepare agendas, take minutes, and distribute and communicate these as appropriate.
  • To have a good knowledge and understanding of the roles and responsibilities of other club committee members.
  • To maintain up-to-date contact details of all members, committee members, other key club personnel and Swim England secretaries at national, regional and county levels.

The level of commitment required will vary from club to club, but will include ongoing weekly responsibilities, particularly in dealing with correspondence.

Role of Club Treasurer

  • To be responsible for all club finances by ensuring adequate accounts and records exist, and that all funds are used appropriately and banked promptly.
  • To plan the annual budget in agreement with the club committee and to monitor throughout the year.
  • To prepare end-of-year accounts and present to the auditor, management committee and AGM.
  • To plan floats with members who would need to collect or pay out cash and make them aware of procedures.
  • To be responsible for maintaining records of any wages/salaries paid and for meeting the requirements of HMRC.

The level of commitment required will vary from club to club, but will include attendance at club meetings, and ongoing budget and financial responsibilities.