Welcome to AquaStars!

The Bramcote AquaStars are an artistic swimming (formerly synchronised swimming) team based in Nottingham, England.
We are a part of Bramcote Swimming Club
We compete at a Local, Regional and National level.

Artistic Swimming it is an Olympic sport that combines athleticism with grace in the water - hence why originally it was called "Water Ballet". The sport requires great strength, endurance, flexibility, artistry, precision, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down under water. Artistic swimmers build their stamina similar to speed swimmers, they get to choreograph routines like DANCERS, perform lifts like CHEERLEADERS, perform dives like DIVERS and work on their flexibility like GYMNASTS. Alongside building long lasting friendships in this unique TEAM sport!

To find out more go to our dedicated AquaStars website https://www.aquastarssynchro.com and follow our AquaStars FaceBook page.