13 Nov 2022

On 13th November at 7:30am we had our second long distance Time Trial. Well done to all the swimmers who braved the early start to pit themselves against the stop watch. They swam 800m Freestyle, 400m Freestyle and 400m Individual Medley. Thanks must go to all the officials and timekeepers who made this Time Trial possible. For those of you who have not witnessed the use of lap number plates for the 800 metre Freestyle, it soon became apparent that wrangling wet, stuck-together number plates required strong fingernails and quick wits, especially when one lane’s number plate slipped through the grasp of a hapless timekeeper and ended up gracing the bottom of the pool!

Anyway, onto the results which are here: 4em22039 Bramcote 2022 Long Distance Time Trial 2-Results.pdf

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