12 Dec 2023

***** NEWS FLASH*****

Bramcote Swimming Club and the coaching team would like to announce some fantastic news for the future of Bramcote SC.

We have been working in the background for several weeks to strengthen our Coaching Team and we are delighted to announce that one of our own, former Nova B squad Lead coach Michelle Preston will be returning to where her coaching journey began several years ago.

Michelle is a prodigy of our very own Di Mann as we all are. She left to join Nova the County swim squad and over the years has produced many top-class swimmers at the highest levels. Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience which will allow our swimmers to reach even greater heights. I look forward to working with Michelle and developing our Performance squad, as well as learning myself from one of the best.

Bramcote Coaching Team would like to welcome Michelle into the team, and personally I would like to say that I believe that Bramcote now has the final piece to the jigsaw giving us a very strong teaching/coaching team. This allows us to look at the future growth of the club, enabling our swimmers to achieve whatever they so wish to achieve through their personal swimming journey.

We have asked Michelle to do a follow up to this email to introduce herself to the club so please watch out for this arriving to your inbox in the coming days.

The Coaching team will have further announcements following Michelle's addition to the team on future plans for the swimmers, squads & club.

If anyone has any questions in the meantime please don't hesitate to contact me via email or before/after sessions.

Welcome to the BSC Team Michelle.

Rob, Di, Tom, Helen, Michelle, Suzanne.

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