08 May 2023

It was a fast and furious summer evening of racing. We saw many good efforts from the swimmers. From our Academy 'Diddys', there were both tears and triumphs too. For their debut in the 'big pool', there were some plucky swims by those tiny souls! And also our sympathy for those that found it all a bit too much, better luck next time.

At the other end of the age spectrum we saw some really 'fast dad swimming' by Andi Manley, Austyn & Fraser's father, putting into practise what he coaches. It was also great to see the swimmers cheering their friends and siblings on, showing great team spirit. It was certainly not a quiet gala!

All in all a fabulous gala, with the generous support of all the volunteer officials who had to digest some hot-off-the-press rule changes. Special thanks to the refreshment-bearer who provided much-needed drinks to the officials.


For all the details, please download the results PDF file: Bramcote SC Club Champs Results 7th May 2023.pdf

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