06 Mar 2023

The Academy Club Championships took place at Bramcote Leisure Centre last night. It was a chance for all BSC Academy swimmers to try their hands at competition over 25 events. Your reporter saw the tail end of the gala, and there were a lot of new volunteers sorting out times and placings which was great to see. So first of all, thanks to all the volunteers, old and new, that made the gala possible, from the team-managers, time-keepers to starters, referees and results collators. There are a lot of moving parts!

Of course, a big shout out to the swimmers who all threw themselves into the gala with gusto and enthusiasm. There were smiles all around as you tried your hardest against the clock and each-other!

Finally, thank you to the parents & supporters who gave lifts, pep-talks, brought food & drink and generally made sure the swimmers were in tip-top condition for the gala.


Results by Race and Rankings

(Updated 6th March 2023)

If you want overall results for each race, click this link: Academy Club Champs 2023 Results with Points.pdf

If you want to find out how your son or daughter did within their squad, you can find their ranking in one of the PDF files below:

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